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Bridging Borders in Education and Healthcare Recruitment

Hire your next nurse through experts in the industry
Hiring Triangle is a global recruitment firm specializing in assembling proficient teams of nursing and healthcare professionals by connecting them with leading healthcare organizations across Singapore. Founded by the founding team of Global Placements, a global giant organization in recruiting nursing, healthcare & teaching professionals since 1994, helping healthcare and education sectors in recruiting nurses, doctors, para medical, teachers and professors from India.

Hiring Triangle is fully equipped to organize large recruitment drives for nursing and other allied healthcare professionals from various potential countries. While the majority of foreign nursing professionals are from the Philippines and India, Hiring Triangle is loaded to explore other emerging markets such as Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia to add diverse flavors to its clients.

Why Choose Nursing
Jobs in Singapore

With its robust healthcare system, Singapore is always looking to hire healthcare professionals.

Singapore is a highly developed economy with lucrative opportunities for professionals. This has boosted all industries and makes for a comfortable living for families. Recognised as the Garden City, Singapore is a thriving financial global hub. A city-state, it is known for its cleanliness, well connected metro system and modern-day convenience.

Why Choose Nursing
Jobs in Singapore

With its robust healthcare system, Singapore is always looking to hire healthcare professionals.

Hiring Triangle connects top-tier healthcare professionals with career opportunities in Singapore’s thriving healthcare sector. Renowned for its safety, savings benefits, and high quality of life, Singapore offers world-class healthcare, financial advantages, and a tranquil atmosphere. With a low crime rate, competitive salaries, and access to comprehensive healthcare, it’s an attractive destination for healthcare experts. Hiring Triangle helps professionals seamlessly transition to this vibrant city-state, where career growth and a fulfilling life await.

Singapore One of Three Global City-States

Singapore One of Three Global City-States

Singapore Ranks 2nd in Ease of Business.

Singapore Ranks 2nd in Ease of Business.


Success Formulas

The Hiring Triangle's Winning Strategies

Discover the art of successful talent acquisition through expert skill, vibrant culture, and sustainable growth, market knowledge, dedicated teams, and dependable partnerships. Our strategies empower you to secure top talent, cultivate collaboration, and achieve enduring success.

Unique Pre-selection

Our Self-Designed Protocol Efficiently Filters the Best Match for Your Requirements, resulting in higher selection rates.

Diverse Talent Hiring

Hiring Triangle's ability in hiring talent from numerous countries, helps its clients hire a wide range of professionals.

Truly Global Process

Crafting a Truly Global Process. We are in the process of launching unique global recruitment drives, each with its distinctive character.

Unrivaled Credibility

As a new company, we aim to build credibility with a tailored protocol, saving you valuable time by finding ideal matches.

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